An International Marist Journal of Charism in Education

January - March 2011 - THEME ‘Christian Attitudes to Grief and Loss’


October - December 2010  -  THEME  ‘Call’

July - September 2010  -  THEME  ‘Leadership and compassion’

April-June 2010 - THEME ‘Quiet places’

January-March 2010 - THEME ‘Signs of the times’

December 2009 - THEME ‘Then and now’

August 2009 - THEME ‘Charism and culture’

Since the first edition of Champagnat, which was published in October 1998, our list of readers has continued to grow both in Australia and overseas. With this growth in mind we decided to rename our journal ‘Champagnat  An International Marist Journal of Education and Charism’.

Since its foundation the journal has covered many issues in relation to research, education practice and policy-making in the field of education. The journal aims to assist in the human formation and exploration of ideas of those who feel inspired by a charism, its nature and purpose, with writers both from Australia and overseas contributing.

The journal has won Australian Catholic Press Assocation Awards on three occasions:

2005 In the Best Example of Education Coverage section, an article titled ‘Blueprints and footprints: Affirmation and challenge’ by Australian Jeffrey Crowe received a Highly Commended as did the journal overall in the Most Improved Publication section.

2006 In the Best Ecumenical/Interfaith Story section, our journal received a Highly Commended for an article titled ‘Inter-faith dialogue’ written by Scottish contributor, Stephen Smyth.

2007 For an article by Brendan Geary titled ‘Resisting Prayer’ our journal won the category for Best Devotional Article Applying Faith in Life section.

2009    For the Best Mission Coverage section our journal won for an article ‘Turning Mission into Ministry’ by Mark Wall SM

2009    ‘Champagnat an International Marist Journal of Charism and Education won the Bishop Phillip Kennedy Memorial Prize for the best Catholic magazine.

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