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Welcome all to the first Mission Assembly (MA) blog, A place where all Marists can have their say in helping inform the MA in August this year. You are invited to share your thoughts and reflections as we plan for the future of Marist Mission in Australia.

Let’s start with your thoughts on this question:

What does being Marist today mean to you?

Being Marist is being part of a family, it was a part of my upbringing, my schooling and eventually has become part of my calling. It’s more than being connected to a Religious Order within the Church, it’s about being in fraternity with a community across ages and borders that has many shared beliefs and values. At the core of these is the example of Mary, being compassionate for others, remaining loyal and gentle of heart. These are the virtues that resonated with Marcellin, it’s what attracts me now.

Over to you…